Austen Tangen

Brewer turned Web Developer

For me, there is no greater sense of accomplishment than seeing others find joy in the things you've crafted.

Most recently, this desire to create unique experiences has led me to the world of Web Development. I've just completed the Full Stack Coding Bootcamp through Rutgers University and am seeking to further expand my skillset and help build accessible, inclusive web applications.

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Apparati Furniture
React.js MongoDB Stripe

A mock website for an online furniture store. The site itself leverages reusable React components to keep things clean and maintainable for development and utilizes a backend built with MongoDB to store and keep track of inventory. Backend links to Stripe for payment processing.

Ashland Beer Works
Wordpress WooCommerce PHP

A custom Wordpress theme built for a small craft brewery. It leverages the Wordpress engine and custom post types to allow the website owner to easily add, update, or remove products. Custom queries allow users to search for what beers are currently available or view the entire archive of beers produced.



React.js AWS Cloud S3 Bucket

A social media app that utilizes Amazon cloud services to store user posts and associated images. Allows users to upload images to a cloud S3 Bucket and store posts in Amazon's DynamoDB. Built with React.js

React.js MongoDB PWA

A complete recipe-builder/calculator app for brewers. Design your brew from our database of malts, hops and yeast types and generate accurate batch statistics. Create a free account to save your recipes for future reference. Uses MongoDB to store user data, ingredients, and saved user recipes.

Javascript Express Webpack

A text-editor program for developers that recognizes different datatypes and color codes them for easier readability. Utilizes the browser’s indexedDB and local storage as a failsafe to save user input incase of internet outtages or crashes. Built with Babel & Express Webpack.

Weather App
Javascript API jQuery

A weather app that fetches data from OpenWeather API and displays it on the frontend. Search for cities to retrieve current and future weather data

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